Сделано в Украине!


TM ‘CHIDORI’ offers VIP firewood for sale and export. During its sale period of 6 years, ‘CHIDORI’ firewood found market acceptance and is well sold in the best retail chains of Ukraine.
Due to the fact that the shape of the wood pallet is placed on a compact 210 pieces (6 rows of 35)

Price $ 3 (1 pkg)

Also, our company manufactures the following positions:

  1. The Board of Pine AD/CD
  2. The Board of spruce.
  3. Terrace furniture
  4. Firewood shelves – Furniture transformer “Chidori”
  5. Blanks for pallets.

Advantages of  ‘CHIDORI’ VIP firewood:

  1. Heat production. One bundle of VIP firewood can equally replace 3 bundles from another producer. The wood density is 0.75 kg/cm3, a specific calorific value is 3200 kcal.
  2. Our bundle of firewood represents a regularly shaped rectangular block shrinkwrapped in polypropylene tape hermetically sealed in a plastic bag. It allows you to fit a big amount of firewood in a vehicle (4400) or container (5000). The cubic content of firewood in a package is 6.4 dm3. Our firewood is presented in regularly shaped hornbeam chips 40x40x250 mm free from bark and bugs. Amount of chips in a bundle is 16 pieces.
  3. HORNBEAM firewood is environmentally friendly, has the lowest ash content, does not contain resinous substances.
  4. Moisture content is 10-12%
  5. The absence of bark. As it known, bark adds to the volume while has low heat production (30% in oak).
  6. Firewood has a barcode which makes it suitable for sale in retail chains. It is shrinkwrapped enabling easy transporting and storage.

The moisture content of VIP firewood is 10%; it is kiln dried and vacuum packed.