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Chidori Assembling

Step 1
Place two bars (type A) on the floor parallel to each other at a distance of about 32 cm.
Put a bar (type B) so that it can go into a lock part as shown in the picture below.

Step 2
Insert the bar (type C) in a formed slot until all three bars coincide (fit together).

Step 3
Do the same with the second side of the bar type B to get the following construction:

Step 4
Add a second pair of legs similar to step 2.

Step 5
Close the locks so that all the bars converge.

Step 6
The lower level is ready. Proceed to the upper level by analogy with steps 2-4.

Step 7
Close the locks of the upper level (by analogy with step 5).

Step 8
The frame is ready. Screw in the legs (type F).
Turn the structure down and put it legs on the floor.

Step 9
Place two shelves and you will receive the original one-story construction.


Step 10
Build the second level. Attach the bars (type A) using the fastening bolts (type H).

Step 11
Repeat steps 1 through 9 (skip step 8) until you have the original structure.

A standard kit includes two overhang supports which are used to achieve greater stability through screwing it to any vertical surface.


Step 10 (тут после шага 11 идет шаг 10 и 11, проверьте правильно ли это)
Build two original one-story blocks as shown below

Step 11
Join the two blocks with a short bar (type D) and fastening bolts (type H).
Short bars (type D) are used for an edge joint of two or more blocks which allows you to expand possible configuration options. Please send us pictures of your own pieces of furniture made of Chidori kits!

The kit includes:

  • Wooden bars – 24 pcs.
  • Connectors – 8 pcs.
  • Legs – 4 pcs
  • Cardboard box
  • An assembly instructions

The price of Chidori kit is 2800 UAH

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CHIDORI furniture is characterized by a modern design and sophisticated style. It is made of solid and environmentally friendly materials! This elegant furniture is sold in a partially assembled condition and needs only a finishing touch to be ready for use (less than 10 min!). The furniture concept is developed by leading furniture designers.  Furniture pieces are made of solid and hard hornbeam wood and stainless steel. This furniture will serve you many years upon the condition of proper care. This multi purpose furniture is ideal for both your house and a terrace. An unusual design and triangular legs make it more stable enabling you to use it anywhere. The longer you own CHIDORI furniture, the more you will love it!

How to take care of wooden furniture properly?

Nothing can be compared to that warmth and comfort that wooden furniture can create. However, not everyone knows that wooden furniture (especially terrace one) requires a proper care. The sun’s rays, high temperatures, ultraviolet rays can harm the wood causing over-drying followed by cracking. It can be prevented by using linseed oil. When coating the oil completely penetrates into the depth of the bar and only a small amount of it remains on a wood surface. A protective layer is not formed. The wood instead becomes more durable and wear-resistant. If you want to strengthen the effect of oils, you can use wax with various additives. As a rule, oils with polyurethane additives do not require any use of wax. This kind of treatment should be done once a year.