Сделано в Украине!

Exclusive wooden furniture

Chidori furniture transformer block was designed by our specialists on the same principle as the wooden wooden puzzle designer Chidori, popular in Japan. Of the twelve wooden bars, a modular cluster of the Chidori furniture set is being built. The connection is made without glue and metal fittings due to special sawed grooves – a locking joint is obtained, sufficiently strong, guaranteeing the stability of the multicluster structure, and easy to assemble. On the horizontal perimeters of the squares are placed shelves of plywood.

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By design, the modules look like a modern rethinking of traditional Japanese furniture forms. From the point of view of functionality of use, this project is considered simply a unique find. Anyone can easily and quickly assemble and disassemble puzzles from parts of the Chidori constructor, and for such furniture, even detailed assembly/disassembly instructions (although they are attached) are not required. The furniture block is made of strong and solid wood (hornbeam), which gives it special strength. Simple standard parts – all this makes sets of sets affordable for consumers with different financial capabilities. Compatibility of all clusters and parts allows to repair it cheaply and operatively on their own. And lastly – for this type of furniture sets there are no restrictions. Chidori allows you to collect designs of any sizes and combinations for any type of room, as the saying goes, what the soul wants!

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